Giulia Chapman feeding a doggie calf on the Aledo, Texas ranch.

Livia Chapman feeding Chapman Family cows.  If a cow or calf will eat from your hand, they will be more gentle.  More gentle = less stress.

=Giulia Chapman & Winter Chores

Giulia Chapman and winter chores.

Giulia Chapman feeding Bandit and a calf (right).

Bandit was wild when she arrived at the ranch.  Look how gentle she is now.

Livia Chapman feeding the cattle.

Barney Chapman and some of his gentle stock.  Once gentle, always gentle.

John Chapman rides the range.

It must be love!

Giulia Chapman & Cole

What did you say? 

Giulia & Billy Ray Chapman.

Let me eat!

Barney & Billy Ray Chapman share a warm moment.

Livia Chapman and Pine Bull.

Pine Bull wants something to eat, and he loves to be scratched.

Brooks Chapman feeding a bull.

This is another example of the gentle stock produced by the Chapman Family Ranch.

Brooks and Parrish Chapman feeding heifers.

Giulia Chapman taking feed to the yearlings.

Giulia Chapman and a Chapman Family Ranch heifer.

Giulia Chapman and Cole.

Cole loves everyone at the ranch, but Giulia is his favorite.

Karen Chapman and Bruce.

Livia Chapman feeding stock in the Aunt Edna Pasture.

From left to right ---

Giulia, Roscoe, Barney, Flaminia, Carlo, & Livia Chapman

Brooks Chapman taking hay to horses.

Brooks Chapman helping with the bale wagon.

Giampiero Fonte and Giulia Chapman mending fences.

Early morning at the ranch...

Giampiero Fonte with Cole, and Giulia Chapman help with ranch chores.

Cole, the four-legged member of the family, provides encouragement for the real workers.

Brooks Chapman helping with the pecan harvest.

Isabel Chapman feeding a gentle cow.

Lisa Chapman feeding # 34.

The Three Musketeers in front of the ranch house.

Some of the Chapman family out for a horseback ride.

Parrish and Brooks Chapman by one of the Chapman Family Ranch signs.

Parrish and Brooks Chapman helping with the hay feeding.

Brooks and Parrish  Chapman by the Red River, the north boundary of the Clarksville, Texas ranch.

Roscoe Chapman on Royal, one of the ranch horses.

Roscoe Chapman pauses for a moment during a busy day working on the ranch.

Roscoe Chapman taking feed to the stock.

From left to right ---

Roscoe, Isabel, Brooks, and Parrish Chapman.

From left to right ---

Roscoe Chapman watches Parrish and Brooks Chapman feed the gentle Chapman Family Ranch bulls.

The ranch headquarters can be seen in the background.

Giulia Chapman hand feeding the gentle stock in the winter.

Giampiero Fonte hand feeds a cow as Giulia Chapman watches.

Giulia and Livia Chapman shop for belts to wear in the grand entry of the Fort Worth, Texas rodeo.

Livia and Giulia Chapman just before riding in the grand entry of the 2005 Fort Worth, Texas rodeo.

Giulia Chapman in the saddle ready to ride in the Fort Worth, Texas rodeo grand entry.

Giulia Chapman riding in the Fort Worth, Texas rodeo grand entry.

Giulia (far left) and Livia (far right) Chapman have dinner with friends before the 2005 Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo.

Above:  Giulia and Livia Chapman ready to ride in the grand entry of the 2005 Fort Worth Rodeo.

Below:  Riding in the grand entry.

Giampiero Fonte with Giulia and Cole Chapman.

Cole is the four-legged member of the family and Giampiero is in Cole’s seat.

Isabelle and Roscoe Chapman with Rifle, a Chapman Family Ranch horse.

Livia Chapman sitting tall in the saddle.

Giulia Chapman and Dan.

Parrish Chapman feeding heifers.

Isabelle, Parrish, and Brooks Chapman feeding heifers.

Isabelle, Roscoe, and Brooks Chapman pause for a moment while tending the horses.

Livia Chapman on Cheyenne.

Giulia Chapman smiles after a horseback ride.

John Chapman with some of his Remuda on the Aledo, Texas ranch.

Karen Chapman with Salty, one of the Aledo, Texas ranch horses.

Livia Chapman is all smiles after a ride in the brisk December air.

Parrish and Brooks Chapman saddle Rifle.

Giulia Chapman (middle) and Giampiero Fonte (right) return from a ride with Rachael _________.

Some Chapman girls enjoy a ride in the Mama D Coastal Pasture.

Giulia Chapman moving hay.

Giulia Chapman helps with the hay trailer.

Giulia and Roscoe Chapman pause for the camera during their winter chores at the Clarksville, Texas ranch.

Roscoe, Livia, Barney, Flaminia, Giulia, and Carlo Chapman in the John B. Lacy pasture, on a cold, winter day.

Alessia Chapman caught the biggest catfish.

Livia Chapman and dogs

Alessia Chapman hand feeding the gentle cows at the Chapman Family Ranch.

Alessia Chapman made quick friends with Rifle, one of the ranch horses.

Alessia Chapman on Aunt Livia’a horse, Cheyenne.

Alessia Chapman on Rifle.  Carlo Chapman is in the background.

Alessia Chapman gets help from Barbara Lane.

Front Row, Left to Right:

Barney, Carlo, Roscoe, Livia, and Giulia Chapman.

Back Row, Left to Right:

Flaminia, Lauren, Trey, Sonja, Dalton, and Alessia Chapman.

Giulia, Alessia, Ludovida, Cole (the dog), and Livia  Chapman.

Alessia Chapman hand feeding Pine Bull.

Alessia Chapman hand feeding a heifer with a little help from Grandfather Barney Chapman.

Alessia Chapman feeding her namesake, Alessia the calf.

Front row Barney, Carlo, Roscoe, Livia and Giulia Chapman.

  Back row, Flaminia, Lauren, Trey, Sonja, Dalton and Alessia Chapman.

Giulia Chapman riding her horse, Royal, in the Mamma D coastal pasture.jpg

Parrish Chapman hand feeding the cows in back of the CF Ranch house.

Giulia, Alessia, Ludovica, Cole and Livia Chapman in the back of ranch truck.

Trey Chapman and daughter, Rhiannon, getting Chief horse ready to ride.

Tilly horse checking out Giulia and Rhiannon Chapman in the baffle buggy.

Trey Chapman with daughter, Rhiannon.

John Chapman going after a cow at one of the Squaw Creek Aledo Ranches.