Barney Chapman at the squeeze chute working cattle.

Working the cattle of the Chapman Family Ranch is an on going process because of the low stress way we work the cattle, the size of the various herds, and where they are located on the ranch.

Harvesting pecans.

Taking care of the horses.

Barney Chapman cleaning Chief’s hoofs.

Branding iron fire.

Bringing cattle to the pens at the Aledo, Texas ranch.

Heading out for the roundup.

John Chapman giving orders.

Barney Chapman working the cow computer.

Each animal at the Chapman Family Ranch has a national EID number.

Installing an EID tag in the ear of a heifer.

Ranch work is never finished!

Barney Chapman giving hay to the calves on a winter night.

Barney Chapman loading bulls to be moved from the Clarksville Ranch to the Aledo Ranch.

Barney Chapman mediates a cut under a yearlings eye.

Barney Chapman checks the EID tag with the wand.

Giulia Chapman hauling hay to the Mama D Pasture.

Giulia Chapman handling the squeeze chute.

Notice the orange ear tag.  The males have orange tags, and the females have yellow tags.

Giulia Chapman feeding cows.

Giulia Chapman filling the trip hopper with cotton seed cake.

Giulia Chapman putting out feed for the yearlings.

Giulia Chapman sorting cattle to take them to the squeeze chute to be worked.

John Chapman looks down from his horse.

John Chapman working cattle

Note the blood on his hands.

Parrish Chapman feeding heifers.

Giulia Chapman placing crushed rock under a watering trough.

Parrish Chapman helping with ranch chores.

The ranch Trip Hopper used for feeding  cotton seed cake to cattle.

Giulia and Giampiero Chapman loading rock with the ranch tractor.

Wade Richardson using the computer wand to check the EID tag of a cow.

Giulia Chapman moving hay with the Farmall tractor, circa 1950.

Mowing near the road to clear it of unwanted weeds to stop the seeds from blowing into the ranch pastures and fields.

Ranch work can be fun!

Giulia Chapman smiles as she drives the Deere tractor. 

Roscoe Chapman using a chain saw to cut down a tree.

Aaron Robinson moving cattle out of the Mama D coastal pasture.

Barney Chapman saddling Chief, one of the ranch horses.

Livia Chapman feeds the heifer while Barney Chapman administers vaccines (left and below.)  Feeding the stock helps to calm them.

The Chapman Family Ranch uses the most modern of  medicines to help make sure that the cattle never have a bad day.  They are vaccinated for many of the same type of diseases that humans experience.  Examples would be flu and pneumonia just to name two.

Barney Chapman giving an injection to Rifle, one of the ranch horses.

Ranch work can be so much fun!

Roscoe Chapman using the cow computer.

Roscoe and Barney Chapman working cattle in the squeeze chute.

Roscoe Chapman using the computer wand to check the EID tag of a cow on the Squaw Creek Ranch.

Barney and Giulia Chapman moving rock for a water trough.

Barney and Roscoe Chapman repairing the cake bin dispenser.

Giulia Chapman breaking the ice on the stock watering troughs so the cattle can drink.

Barney Chapman catching a cow in the squeeze chute as Livia Chapman watches.

The Chapman Family Ranch (CFR) does not own a hot shot and are against others using them.  A hot shot stresses the cattle and makes the beef tough.   The CFR strives to reduce stress for the cattle because less stress = tender beef.

Barney Chapman freeze branding a heifer.

Barney Chapman installing an ear tag.

Livia and Roscoe Chapman holding a calf.

Barney Chapman moving cattle with the help of Roscoe Chapman (in rear).

Barney Chapman giving an injection to a cow.

Freeze branding a calf.

Livia Chapman and some friends move some cattle from the Mama D NW pasture.

Livia Chapman feeding a cow in the squeeze chute to calm her.

Feeding the cow gives her a good memory of the chute, and she will  be less fearful of it in the future.

Livia Chapman gets a cow into the squeeze chute.

Livia Chapman soothes a cow to calm it.

Livia Chapman sprays alcohol on a calf where it will be freeze branded.

Roscoe Chapman installs an electronic ear tag.

Roscoe Chapman and Wade Richardson work the cattle.

Wade is holding the computer wand for the cow computer.

Sean Johnstone and John Chapman riding across one of the blue stem pastures.

Matt Smith trailing cattle to the corral.

Sean Johnstone and John Chapman inspecting cattle on one of the Squaw Creek Aledo Ranches.

Sean Johnstone riding Rescue Horse and John Chapman riding Lonnie Tivio Horse, on one of the Aledo ranches.

Sean Johnstone standing next to Brazos Horse, part of the Remuda of the Squaw Creek Ranch.