A foggy morning at one of the ranch stock tanks.

Spring time at the Clarksville, Texas ranch.  The ranch headquarters can be seen at the far right.

Spring time at the Aledo, Texas ranch.

Sunset at the Clarksville, Texas ranch.

Cattle at the Chapman Family Clarksville, Texas ranch grazing on the green grass.

Sun shines through the fog over a newly built stock tank.

What appears to be a camera malfunction, is really an early morning fog at the Clarksville, Texas ranch that is hovering just above the cattle.

Fresh, clear water is a beautiful sight to any rancher.

A frosty, winter morning at the Clarksville, Texas ranch.  Fog can be seen most anytime of the year at the Clarksville, Texas ranch.

Headquarters of the Clarksville, Texas ranch in the spring.

Storm clouds gather over the Clarksville, Texas ranch.

The reflecting pool.

Summer time at the new stock tank which flooded some trees.

A twisted tree vine on the Clarksville, Texas ranch.

Coastal hay harvesting on the other side of the newest stock tank at the Clarksville, Texas ranch.

John Chapman petting a calf at the Aledo, Texas ranch.

Valley Feed Mill of Paris, Texas unloading cotton seed cake at the Clarksville ranch.

Some Chapman Family members enjoying a leisure ride on the Clarksville, Texas ranch near the Red River.

Some of the ranch horses graze on the green grass of the Clarksville, Texas ranch.

Giulia Chapman returns from a ride on Royal.

Giulia Chapman fights the winter snow and wind to perform ranch chores.

Christmas sunset at the Chapman Family Ranch.

Barbara Lane and Giulia Chapman holding a calf that needed to go to the barn.

Barney Chapman and Barbara Lane giving milk to a calf.

The new stock tank viewed from the ranch house breakfast area.

Hay rings should keep cattle out of the coastal hay; however, that does not always work.