The Chapman Family Ranch (CFR) uses a number of different boot suppliers to make  ranch boots.

Armando’s Boot Shop of Raymondville, Texas has made more than 25 pair of boots with the CF Brand on them.  Every family member has at least one pair of branded boots.

Cansler Boot Shop of Perin, Texas has just recently started making boots for the CFR, completing a pair for Barney Chapman.  Giulia Chapman was the latest family member to get a pair of Cansler boots.  She will be “breaking ‘em in” during December 2007.  The Cansler Boot Shop is also making a pair of “hair on” chaps for the CF Ranch from the hide of one of our own steers.  Barney Chapman also has a pair of boots on order from them.

Luskey’s / Ryon’s of Fort  Worth, Texas is another boot maker.  The Chapman family has used Allen Luskey to make several pair of boots for the CF Ranch.  Allen is an old friend of long standing.  Allen even measured the feet of some of our German friends by fax, made boots for them, then sent the boots by Fed Ex to be used for a special party.

We have attempted to use several other makers of hand made boots with varying success and would not want to recommend any of the others we have used. The ones listed here are our present suppliers, and they stand behind their boots.

Armando’s Boot Company

  • 169 N. 7th
  • Raymondville, Texas 78580
  • 956-689-3521
  • Owner:  A Duarte Rios

Cansler Boot Shop

  • Perin, Texas
  • 940-789-2831

Luskey’s / Ryon’s

  • 2601 North Main Street – across from Billy Bob’s Texas
  • Fort Worth, Texas 76164
  • 817-625-2391
  • Allen Lusky


Cansler Boot Shop.

J.R. Cansler constructing a pair of hand made boots.

A. Duarte Rios, standing in his show room, showing a pair of Black Elephant ear boots he has just completed for Barney Chapman.

The Saddle Man making a new saddle. Notice the partially made boots in the foreground.

Flaminia Chapman selecting a new pair of boots at the Cansler Boot Shop.

Giulia Chapman being measured for a new pair of boots by Lee Ann Cansler.

CFR Ranch Boot in the saddle.

CFR Ranch Boot.

New Boots for Roscoe.