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An aerial view of the Chapman Family Clarksville, Texas Ranch on the Red River.

The Chapman Family ranch boot.

Supper is served!

<-- Can you find the cow?

Is it a cow or what?

A steer eating a Granola bar.

Bill the bull takes cotton seed cake from the mouth of Parrish Chapman.

Young visitors to the Chapman Family Ranch feed the gentle cows.

See the calf?

No?  Calves can be hard to see in tall grass.

After the calf raises its head, it can be seen

Ranchers have to be careful driving in tall grass or the will run over the calf which the mother has hidden.

Visitors to the ranch show off a Red River catfish.

The Chapman Family Ranch boot.

The ranch Farmall tractor, circa 1950, driven by Giampiero Chapman.

A woman and her horse.

A man and his boots.

Roscoe Chapman tries on his new ranch boots.

Parrish Chapman feeding some of the gentle cows on the Chapman Family Ranch.

Royal is not happy about something.

Note his lower lip.

The Chapman Family Ranch brand after it has been applied to a cow.

The Chapman Family Ranch ear tag.

An electronic ear tag.

Michael Humphrey and Michael Witmer have had a great day fishing in the Red River for catfish. The largest is about 20 pounds.

Winston, a new arrival at the Chapman Family Ranch.