John Chapman on Mary Thomas' pony.

Barney Chapman in his back yard (circa 1943).

Barney and Johnny Chapman at the Lake Worth house of their grandfather Lacy (circa 1940).

John & Barney Chapman at 3416 Yucca, Fort Worth, Texas (circa 1942).

John & Barney Chapman.

Barney Chapman (left) & John Chapman (right).

John, Barney & Billy Ray Chapman taken at the 3416 Yucca Street, Fort Worth, Texas (circa 1943).

John and Barney Chapman with Bill Deck  in his later years (circa 1940).

Barney Chapman II (seated, circled) Oakhurst Grammar School, Yucca Street, Fort Worth, Texas  (circa 1945).

Barney Chapman II (standing, right, circled) Oakhurst Grammar School (circa 1943).

Barney Chapman II (sitting, circled), Oakhurst Grammar School (circa 1943).

Barney Chapman II (standing, right, circled) Oakhurst Grammar School (circa 1944).

Barney Chapman, Sr. after a fishing trip.  Photo was taken in front of the dock of Quality Meat & Provision Company, 1201 Jones Street, Fort Worth, Texas also the location of Texas Ice & Cold Storage (now gone).  The bass was caught at the Chapman & Sons Registered Hereford Ranch, Valley Mills, Texas and was one of the “fed fish” (circa 1960).

Barney Chapman, Sr. after a hunting trip.

Barney Chapman, Sr. and his bird  dog with about 150 quail from a hunt (circa 1935).

Barney Chapman, Sr. holding Billy Ray Chapman if front of Yucca Street house.

Barney Chapman, Sr. in his office (May 1957).

Barney Chapman II (circa 1961).

Barney Chapman, Sr. looking at a Grizzly bear, Dugdale Packing Co., St. Joseph. Missouri (1956).

Barney Chapman, Sr. at the Chapman Farm, Smithfield, Texas with some of the pheasants, he and Bill Brakefield were raising.

Barney Chapman, Sr. and George Hoffman, Sr. at the Hoffman Farm, Ida Grove, Iowa (circa 1962).

Carol Cartwright Chapman with husband Barney Chapman II at the Blue Room of the Roosevelt Hotel (circa 1968).

Barney Chapman, Sr. feeding some of his registered Herefords on his C&S Ranch, Valley Mills, Texas (circa 1955, the drought years).

Barney Chapman, II, Pat Beckham, and two Central Airlines employees.  Barney was the manager of the agriculture portfolio for the Fort Worth, Texas Junior Chamber of Commerce.  They were shipping a watermelon to Arkansas for a watermelon contest.  The Fort Worth Jaycees won the first agriculture portfolio in the United States that year under the leadership of Barney Chapman.

August 3rd, 1900, Mineral Wells, Texas.  Brooxie Brown Lacy and Maud Lacy Deck.  Others are unknown.

Bill Deck, husband of Maud Brown Deck and John B. Lacy, Mineral Wells, Texas, standing in fire wagon under handwriting (1900).

Sons of H.H. & Laura Hedges with their wives in front of them.

Brooxie Brown (Lacy), Maud Brown (Deck), and unknown man.

Brooxie Brown Lacy and John B. Lacy, with two of their children George and Stella Lacy.

Brooxie Brown Lacy and John B. Lacy.

Brooxie Brown Lacy and John B. Lacy, with their two children George and Stella Lacy.

Four Brown sisters with Brooxie standing in the middle.

Edythe Ann Lacy, location unknown (circa 1932).

Edythe Ann Lacy and Thelma Morton (circa 1925).

Edythe Ann Lacy Chapman, holding one of the pheasants that Barney Chapman, Sr. and Bill Brakefield raised on the farm, Smithfield, Texas.

Edythe Ann Lacy “Mamma D” Chapman at 1201 Jones Street, Fort Worth.  Texas Ice & Cold Storage, location of Quality Meat Company after going hunting. “Mamma D” was a hunter.

Edythe Ann “Mamma D” Lacy Chapman holding John Lacy Chapman, Lake Worth, Texas (circa 1937).

Edythe Ann Lacy Chapman at Don Martine Lake in Mexico (circa 1937).

Edythe Ann Lacy Chapman in the Roosevelt Hotel Blue Room, New Orleans (circa 1965).

Edythe Ann Lacy on Model-T with sister Stella (Diddy), Lake Worth, Texas.

Edythe Ann “Mamma D” Lacy Chapman holding a catfish at the Chapman & Sons Ranch, Valley Mills, Texas (circa 1955).

Edythe Ann Lacy at age 16 (1924).  Photo taken at 920 Allen Avenue, Fort Worth, Texas.  She wrote the information on the photo which says she was wearing a rose dress and beige shoes standing in front of Running Roses.

Thelma Morton Guest and Edythe Ann Lacy.  Thelma and Edythe were college room mates and lifelong friends.

Charlie Dell Hughes Cartwright with her mother gathering vegetables from their garden.  Charlie Dell is the mother of Carol Chapman and the grandmother of Trey and Parrish Chapman.

Stella Maud Lacy, Edythe Ann Lacy, and George W. Lacy, M.D. (August 5, 1911).

Hughes on horse inspecting one of his fields.  Note the team behind him cutting the wheat.  He is the grandfather of Carol Cartwright Chapman and the great grandfather of Trey and Parrish Chapman.

George W. Lacy, M.D., brother of Edythe Lacy Chapman, at Tulane Medical School.

Aaron Hedges in front of the second family house at the Smithfield, Texas ranch.

James Chapman and the steam tractor which his father, W.J. Chapman purchased.  W. J. Chapman owned the first steam tractor in the Texas panhandle.  It arrived by railroad, in boxes, and it had to be assembled after arrival.

William Chapman (right), grandfather of Barney Chapman, Sr. William owned ranches in Fannin, Tarrant, Wise, and Deaf Smith counties of Texas.

His son, Dutch Chapman, is on the left.  Dutch was a railroad detective and later became a Texas Ranger where he served 11 years.

Charlie Dell Hughes Cartwright in front of the Hughes house, Cleburne, Texas area.

Chapman cousins.

John B. Lacy and Maud Brown with the Mineral Wells, Texas baseball team (circa 1900).

William Aaron Monroe “Mon” Chapman and Hosey Hoots (H. H.) Chapman in a hunting tent. Notice the Tennessee hat H. H. was wearing plus the high cheek bones and dark skin.

John B. Lacy and son George W. Lacy, holding a large catfish caught in Lake Worth.

John B. Lacy holding the flag of the sign painters union, Mineral Wells, Texas.

John B. Lacy in front of one of his side shows.

Lacy house at Lake Worth, Texas.

Lacy's walk up window at Lake Worth (circa 1932).

John and Edythe Ann “Mamma D” Chapman at Lacy's Place, Lake Worth, Texas (circa 1940).

One of John B. Lacy's three restaurants (walk up) and store at Lake Worth, Texas just after a snow fall.

Nine employees of Lacy's Place, Lake Worth, Texas restaurant in background.

John B. Lacy with one his big catches.  This catfish was served at his restaurants at Lake Worth, Texas.

Trellis Restaurant, one of three Lacy restaurants at Lake Worth, Texas.  It was on a pier over the water.

Casino Beach, Lake Worth, Texas.

The Thriller, Casino Beach, Lake Worth, Texas (circa 1927).

Judge Donato Tomajuoli, President of the Supreme Court in Venezia (Venice) Italy, with wife, Dora Venturi Tomajuoli standing in Piazza San March, Venice, Italy.  They are the grandparents to Ludovica and great grandparents to Carlo, Roscoe, Flaminia, Giulia and Livia Chapman.

Her Daughter, Ninina Tomajuoli Giuriati looks amazingly like her mother.  Ninina is the mother of Ludovica and grandmother of the five Chapman children listed above.

Ninina Tomajuol Giuriai, mother of Ludovica and grandmother of Carlo, Roscoe, Flaminia, Giulia and Livia Chapman.  She spoke many languages including English.

Ludovico “Vico” Giuriati, father of Ludovica and grandfather of Carlo, Roscoe, Flaminia, Giulia and Livia Chapman.  He and Barney Chapman, Jr. were great friends.  Giuriati spoke fluent English.  Among his accomplishments, he flew a fighter plane in World War I, surveyed the Nile River for an Italian duke to ship timber down the Nile to Khartoum, and he established two plantations in Somalia, Africa.

Ludovico “Vico” Giuriati in Africa  with the Italian Force.  He killed the elephant with a hand grenade as it was charging to get water from holes he had dug for his troops to drink (circa 1942).

George Hoffman, Sr. in front of his family home, Ida Grove, Iowa.

The George Hoffman Farm, Ida Grove, Iowa (1947). Given to Barney Chapman, Sr.

Billy Ray Chapman at Brown School, Austin, Texas (circa 1952).

Game Warden, “Mamma D”. Chapman, Bill Brakefield, and Paul Gunta in John Chapman's deer hunting cook tent, Bosque County (near Meridan, Texas).

(standing , left to right)

Stonewall “Jack” Jackson  Chapman, Edna Chapman Thomas, and Barney Chapman, Sr.

(sitting, left to right)

 William Aaron Monroe Chapman, and Elkanah Call “Chap” Chapman.

John Chapman putting the finishing touches on one of his oil paintings.

John Chapman watches the hands catch a steer at his Azle, Texas ranch.

John Chapman branding a steer at his Azle ranch, while Lionel Kelly watches.

Bill Brakefield, L.L. Bender of Blufton, Indiana and Barney Chapman, Sr. Bender purchased these heifers and purchased more in later years.

Bill Brakefield  holding squirrels after a hunt at the Texas Ice & Cold Storage, 1201 Jones Street, Fort Worth, Texas, the location of Quality Meat & Provision Company.

Eddie Grahan, L.L. Bender of Blufton, Indiana and Ed Parker.

I. B. (Barney) Chapman, Sr., George Hoffman, Sr. of Ida Grove, Iowa, W. R. “Ray” Thomas, brother-in-law to Barney, and L. L. Bender of Blufton, Indiana.  Bender purchased heifers from the Chapman & Sons Ranch.  The photo was taken at the Annual Round-Up and BBQ held at the ranch attended by 100 to 150 persons (circa 1954).

(back row from left) unknown man, and John Chapman. 

Standing in front is L. L. Bender of Blufton, Indiana (who purchased heifers from Barney Chapman, Sr.).  Edythe Ann “Mamma D” Chapman is standing at is side.

Barney Chapman, Jr. is on the far right.

The photo was taken at the back of the ranch house during the annual Chapman & Sons Ranch Round-Up and BBQ when the cattle were shipped.

Barney Chapman, Sr., with load of cattle at the Chicago International Livestock Show.

George Hoffman, Barney Chapman, Sr., and Barney Chapman II at the Chicago International Livestock Show (circa 1955).  The cattle won first place for the Carload Hereford heavy weight division.

Champion Heifer Carload, Chicago International Livestock Show (1954).

Three of 23 Mills County steers fed tht year being shown at the Mills County Show.  Barney Chapman II is on the rights.

Chapman & Son Hereford steers at the Chicago International Livestock Show.

Chapman & Sons heifer fed and showed in Indiana that was purchased from L. L. Bender of Blufton, Iowa.

Chapman & Sons Hereford steers, Hoffman Farm, Ida Grove, Iowa.

Chapman & Sons steer being fed for show.

Chapman Hereford cows and calves on the Bosque County ranch.

Chapman Hereford Ranch steers at the Mills County Show (circa 1956).

Ed Parker of the First National Bank of Fort Worth (left) and Billy Bob Watt of Fort Worth (right with Barney Chapman, Sr. (middle).  The photo was taken at the annual Chapman & Sons Round-Up and BBQ when the calves were shipped (circa 1958).

Glenn, Joyce and Edna Gail Chapman, children of Monroe Chapman.

Great grandmother Lacy, mother of John B. Lacy.

John B. Lacy and his mother at Lake Worth, Texas restaurant (circa 1924).

Dub  Stocker, Dave Brubeck, and Barney Chapman, Jr. at the Hotel Texas (circa 1963).

Roy & Sally Barerra, Barney Chapman, Jr., and Edythe Ann “Mamma D” Chapman.  Bill McCann is behind and to the left of Barney.  Jim Sundberg is behind “Mamma D” and facing away.

Roy Barerra was campaigning for Texas Attorney General, the first Hispanic on the state wide ticket. Barney Chapman put the following message on 70 of his Dairy Queen (DQ) reader boards, "Vote Barerra for Attorney General, Vote Honesty."  The Abilene TV station went wild and interviewed many of the customers as they entered one of the DQs. To their surprise, they found that the customers were not opposed to the message. The TV station reported, “Come to the Dairy Queen, get Blizzards, Beltbusters, and Republican”. Texans were predominately Democrats in those years. The customers did not mind, but the TV station did.

The road that led to Head Quarters of Chapman Ranch at Valley Mills, Texas.

Chapman & Sons HQ corrals taken from the barn roof (August 1954).  The Hay barn is on the left and a drive-on cattle scale is in front of the hay barn.  All corrals had loafing sheds with hay mangers and feed troughs.

Main road to the HQ of Chapman & Sons Ranch, GATEWAY TO BETTER CATTLE (circa 1960).

Entrance to HQ house at the Chapman & Sons Ranch.  The room in the background was the Rattle Snake Club room in the ranch house.

Diamond Back rattler caught at the Chapman &Sons Ranch, Valley Mills, Bosque County, Texas.  It was  more than 6 feet long.

Fancy Chapman & Sons Herefords being fed at the George Hoffman lot in Ida Grove, Iowa.  These cattle won the Chicago International Livestock Show heavy wieght Hereford Carload Show (circa 1958).

Chapman & Sons steers at the Hoffman Farm, Ida Grove, Iowa.

Chapman cattle in pasture near tank in pasture # 9, across the gravel road on north part of the Chapman & Sons Ranch. The draw runs to Childress Creek.

Chapman & Sons cattle, grazing at the ranch (circa 1954, drought years in Texas).

Domino Bull, a Hereford, one of the herd sires at the Chapman & Sons registered Hereford ranch, Valley Mills, Texas.

TO Bull in the pasture at the Chapman & Sons Ranch.

First calf heifers at the Chapman & Sons Ranch HQ (circa 1954).

Shipping calves at the Chapman & Sons Ranch (circa August, 1961).  Barney Chapman, Jr. in photo on right with Pat Beckham walking from the house, others unknown.

Weaning steers (circa 1954).

Weaning steers (circa 1954).

Weaning steers (circa 1954).

Weaning steers (circa 1954).

Weaning steers (circa 1954).

A wolf (lobo in Spanish), trapped by Barney Chapman, Sr. Panhandle of Texas (circa 1925).

Unknown boy, he is the son of either Dub Stocker or Don Hudgins, holding one of the ranch Bass he caught.

Jim Morse traveled to the ranch from TCU, cicra 1960, holding one of the bass from the stocked tank at the ranch.

John Chapman's Bobcat on the wall in the house.

Quail in the raising pen at the Chapman Farm, Smithfield, Texas, Chapman Road.

The Galveston Flood (circa 1900).

Part of the Lacy Family was wiped out by this flood.

H. H. Chapman bird dog.

H. H. Chapman bird dogs.

H. H. Chapman bird dog.

H. H. Chapman bird dogs.

Barney Chapman, Sr. with two of his bird dogs pointing a covey of quail (circa 1952).

A Barney Chapman, Sr. bird dog on point (circa 1952).

Edythe Ann Lacy’s school, First Ward, near Harris Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas (circa 1912).

Interurban rail connection for transporting  people between Fort Worth and Cleburne. Bill Brakefield was the foreman for the construction of the project, and that is probably him on the top of the construction car.

Tower Wagon and work crew used to install overhead wires for the Interurban.

Lodovico Giuriati “Nonno Vico”, the father of Ludovic Giuriati Chapman, training his two leopards.  He is on one of his plantations in Somalia.  In his words, “Due coccioti che ancdora non sanno stare a tanola”.

Nonno Vico scolding one of his leopards.  In his words, “Tat e ora stata cattiva e si mertia uno sculaccione”.

Lodovico Giuriati, “Nonno Vico”, also had a “pet” Python, 15 feet long, which lived in one of his barns and ate rodents.  Lodovico said one had to be very careful and not allow the snake to wrap around one’s body.  Unfortunately, there are no photos of the snake.

Valley Mills, Texas high school football team, circa 1955. 

Back row, left to right:  Jim Petzol, Billy Reed Powers Billy George Ekurt and Barney Chapman (# 73).

Front row, left to right:  Danny Burns, Bobby Key, Sam Elrod, and Dicky Sparks.

Valley Mills, Texas high school football team, circa 1955.

Left to right:  unknown, Sam Elrod, and Barney Chapman (# 72).  The other players in the background are unknown.

Valley Mills, Texas high school football team, circa 1955. 

Barney Chapman is wearing the black jersey.  The other players are not identified.

Special Credit

Many of the photos of the Chapman Family ranch at Valley Mills, Texas were taken by Frank Reeves.  Today, a collection of his papers and photographs are archived at Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas.

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Dutch Chapman (left) with his father, W.J. Chapman.

Thomas Jefferson Chapman with his wife Mary Ford Chapman.  She is holding their daughter, Virgie, and their son, Alfred, is standing by his dad (circa 1903.)

Thomas Chapman was born April 1870 in Coffee County, Tennessee and moved to Texas in 1876.