The Chapman Family Ranch (CFR) at Clarksville, Texas has about 100 very large native pecan trees, mostly in the Red River bottom; however, there are a few others scattered about the ranch.

There are companies that specialize in picking pecans with machines as compared to picking by hand.  These companies use several pieces of equipment to pick the pecans.  One machine grabs the giant trees and shakes them, causing the pecans to fall to the ground.  Another machine picks the pecans from the ground.  The pecans are then emptied into a sorting machine with a long belt.  That machine separates the trash from the pecans and then the workers remove any bad pecans by hand.  The pecans are then put into  sacks and taken to market.

The CFR produces pecans every year; however, there is a major problem with the crows.  Experts tell us that a crow can eat one pound of pecans per day.  Waves of crows arrive at the CFR to eat our pecans.  If some way can be found to eliminate the crow problem, the pecans will become an excellent cash crop.

Squirrels, to a lesser extent, are also a problem.  In addition to what they eat, they also bury pecans.  Want to go squirrel hunting?  Come on!  Fried squirrel is really a delicacy.

The CFR will plant additional pecan trees when a solution to the horrid crow problem can be found.

13 bags of pecans so far.

Everyone helps to get all the pecans.

After the pecans are on the ground, a machine can pick them up.

A tree shaker like the one above is used to shake the pecans out of the trees.