Easy Bull trying Parrish Chapman’s hat on for size.  This photo demonstrates the gentleness of  the Chapman Family Ranch stock.

Royal checks out Livia Chapman’s pockets.

Hey!  It’s my turn. 

John Chapman feeding a calf while another wants to play

Can I ride?

Only one of us can ride in the truck!

Ranch guest, Barbara Lane, and steer # 13, more of the Chapman Family Ranch gentle stock.

A calf chews John Chapman’s pants.

A steer wanting feed tries to get in the ranch pickup truck.

Is this the barn?

I’m gonna get in the truck if you don’t feed me!

I’m telling you, I want to drive this thing to the feed store!

You mean I have to get off this thing now?

Roscoe Chapman and Cole on the ranch skid loader.

Carlo finds Roscoe’s pants are just a little too big for him!

Patrinia and Livia Chapman enjoy a fun ride with Ashton.

Bruce the Bear Dog cooling off in a stock tank.

Everyone enjoys the Jeep, Eric and Cole Dog both jumped into the back of the Jeep.

Livia Chapman gets lots of loving from Cole, Roscoe's ranch dog.

Tilly horse tells Giulia Chapman, I am like any woman, I look good in hats.