Barbara Lane feeds a cow as Easy Bull watches.

Barbara Lane getting to know the bulls.

Barbara Lane gets acquainted with a horse on the Aledo, Texas ranch.

Ashton Ashbury taking a tour of the Chapman Family Ranch in the ranch jeep.

Barbara Lane on Dan, a Chapman Family Ranch horse.

Ashton Ashbury driving the ranch Farmall tractor, circa 1950.

Livia Chapman (left) and ranch visitor, Barbara Lane with Livia’s horse, Cheyenne.

Mark Lipman feeding some of the gentle ranch cattle.

Patrina smiles for  the camera, even though she is cold.

Paul Vecchi, a visitor from Italy, pausing for the camera and feeding cattle.

Barbara Lane checks a Squaw Creek Ranch horse.

The Kyburz Family.

Barbara Lane feeding Easy Bull while the other stock waits their turn at getting some cake.

Mink riding Flaminia.

Ashton _____ riding Dan.

Barbara lane riding Dan.

Barbara Lane can’t decide which horse is best checks a Squaw Creek Ranch horse.

Paul Vecchi of Spilamberto, Italy trying the ranch tractor.

Giampiero Fonte saddles Dan, one of the ranch horses.

Giampiero Fonte returning from a horseback ride.

Barbara Lane feeding Alessia.

Barbara Lane rides Dan, a double bred Two Eyed Jack  horse

Barbara Lane with her horse, Tilly, as Cindy Johnstone watches.

The Johnstone Family riding on the Chapman Family Ranch near the Red River.

Matt Smith, Tom Johnstone, Sean Johnstone and Barbara Lane riding in the pecan bottom of the Chapman Family Ranch.

Cindy Johnstone feeds a Chapman family cow.

Sean Johnstone pushes the 400 cows back to the Uncle Bill Fescue pasture.

Sean Johnstone vaccinates a steer.

Tom Johnstone brands a Chapman Family steer.

Tom's handy work, the Chapman Family brand.

When the dust has settled, and the sun has set, and you’re all sore from the saddle and your clothes are all wet --- Tom Johnstone puts his saddle in the tac room.

Cindy Johnstone loads the needles with shots.

Cindy Johnstone fires the 44 magnum.

Tom Johnstone takes aim with the 44 magnum.

Cindy Johnstone, number one marksman of the family.

He said he can do it, and he did.

Just friends...

Tom, Morris, Sharon, Donna, Barbara, Nikky, Aaron and Cindy.

Tom warming Royal horse so he will be ready to go for a long ride to the Red River bottom.

Aaron Roberson with his son, Chase.

Barbara Lane working her magic to gentle Alessia while Eric and Cindy Johnstone watch.jpg

CEO Bull eats from Cindy's hand --- CEO is one of our Camp Cooley bulls.

Cindy Johnstone and Barbara Lane watch the work in the calf barn.

Cindy Johnstone prepares the flu shots for Barney Chapman to give to the calves.

Even Sean's Brother, Eric is willing to help at the hot task of clearing the horse barn.

Livia Chapman talking with Gary Roller. the base player for the Michael Martin Murphey Band at the Bass Hall in Fort Worth.  Gary is  also an accomplished sculptor.

Matt Smith, Tom, Eric & Cindy bring the cattle to the HQ corrals --- a modern cattle drive.

Sean & Matt Smith pushing cattle to the HQ corrals. Matt is on the right.

Sean Johnstone bottle feeding Alessia, a doggie who's mother died just before Christmas.

Sean Johnstone taking coastal hay to Rescue, one of the horses in the horse barn.

Sean Johnstone with his favorite horse, Chief.

Sean, Matt, Tom & Barbara head for the Red River bottom.

The Johnstone family's first view of the mighty Red River.   Sean is on Rescue, Tom is on Royal, Eric is on Dan and Cindy is on Chief.

Tom and Cindy Jonestone discussing Barbara's new Quarter Horse Filly, Tilly, with Barbara Lane (back to the camera).

Tom Johnstone giving Alessia her morning feeding.