Chapman Family Ranch

Steers at the Hondo Creek Feed Lot

The Chapman Family Ranch (CFR) sent a group of steers to the Hondo Creek Feed Lot at Edroy, Texas, just north of Corpus Christi.

The Hondo Creek Feed Lot feeds a mixture of corn, distillers grain (refined corn), cotton seed, cotton seed hulls, and day old bread and tortillas.  These are basically the same things that people eat.


Comparison of  CFR steers fed at the Hondo Creek Feed Lot to Steers Processed by the Kane Meat Packing Plant .


  • CFR Average  =  66.46%
  • Kane Plant Average  =  62.5%

Graded Choice

  • CFR Average  =  79.58%
  • Kane Plant Average  =  43.00%


Other Statistics

  • Feed Conversion  =   5.94
  • Cost of Gain  =  0.5846 per pound
  • Hospital Stays  =  none
  • Average Total Gain Per Head for Entire Stay  =  563 pounds
  • Average Gain Per Head Per Day  =   3.61 pounds
  • Cattle Sold on the Rail Yielded  =  $1.03 per pound