Did You Know?

In a recent research study by Texas A&M calm calves have a 50% greater antibody response than temperamental calves. At the end of the study the calm calves had more than a 60% advantage in immune response.  In addition the calves gained more than 0.30 pounds per day over the length of the study than their temperamental counterparts.

The Chapman Family Ranches strive to produce stress free cattle.

Cattle at the Chapman Family Ranches

The Chapman Family (CF) Ranch of Clarksville, Texas started its foundation cattle herd with Brangus cattle purchased from the Squaw Creek Cattle Company of Aledo, Texas owned by John & Karen Chapman.  These cattle were bred from Cadence of Brinks and Transformer of Brinks bulls.  Additional foundation herd cattle was purchased from Camp Cooley Ranch and bulls from both Camp Cooley and the Bobby Steiner ranches.

A relative new testing program is able to isolate genes in beef cattle, which determines the tenderness and marbling of their meat.  The CF Ranch has three bulls with one or more of these tenderness genes.  The CF Ranch is now using artificial insemination for the breeding of heifers and 50% of the cow herd.  This will enable the CF Ranch to use bulls normally only affordable by the registered breeders and enable the CF Ranch to take advantage of the bulls carrying the 8 GenStar rating.  These bulls have the maximum number of genes for tenderness and marbling that are available to and for any breeder.  This will enable the CF Ranch to both improve their cow herd much faster and to offer the highest quality and most tender beef available anywhere in the market place.

Few, if any, commercial operators go to the expense and trouble to breed such tender, juicy, succulent beef with the maximum marbling that grow so quickly that they are ready for the market at a much younger age, approximately three to six months younger than the normal commercial beef cattle.

The gain testing of the CF Ranch yearlings during the 2005 year showed that the steers would gain three or more pounds daily, and the heifers would gain almost two and a half pounds per day, on the ranch grasses.  Daily gains and feed utilization are presently being tested by the CF Ranch with their cattle being fed at the Hondo Creek Feed Yard of Edroy, Texas.

To hold stress at a minimum, the cattle are freeze branded and bloodlessly castrated.  The goal of the ranch is for the cattle to always a good day without any sickness and as little stress as possible.  Less stress make more tender and better tasting beef.