A raccoon scurries across a pasture during the day.  Raccoons are normally nocturnal (feeding at night) and usually stay close to water.

Raccoons are a big problem on the Chapman Family Ranch.  They tear  holes in the feed sacks and dig feed out of the creep feeders on to the ground.

Armadillos.  A Texas native that looks like a holdover from the prehistoric days.

In these photos, the “dillo” is grubbing for food in the yard of the ranch house.

Vultures or as they are commonly called in Texas, buzzards coming to roost in a tree.

Buzzards can be a major problem for ranchers.  They will actually attack an animal while the animal is still alive.

This has happened on the Chapman Family Ranch

Cole, the four legged member of the Chapman Family, is a ranch “fixture.”

Cole thinks the ranch Jeep is his.  Here he is sitting in the Jeep on a rainy day waiting for the rain to stop.  When the window is left down, he jumps into the Jeep to take naps. It is his place of safety from the cows and calves that chase him.

A cotton tailed rabbit.

The next three photos are ducks in the various watering places on the Clarksville, Texas ranch.  Hundreds of ducks make their winter home on the Clarksville, Texas ranch each year.

A spider attacking an ant.  Guess which one wins?

The wild geese above stopping on the Ludo tank in the Mamma D Coastal field.

Later in the year when the grass is green, the geese actually graze on the coastal the same as cattle.

Some of the many wild turkeys that cross the Clarksville, Texas ranch.

Normally, they are seen walking in the pastures in the middle of the day. Here, they are in the shade of a large tree attempting to escape the Texas heat.

Coyote tracks on the Clarksville, Texas ranch.

A snake slivers across an irrigation tube.

Bell and Cole playing.

Bell dog as a pup.

Bell dog hiding under the truck from the vicious, dog eating cows.

Livia, when are there too many dogs?

Tilly horse checking out Giulia and Rhiannon Chapman in the baffle buggy.

Going my way?  An Egret hitches a ride.

A squirrel enjoying the cotton seed cake intended for our cow herd.

A black bear near the Clarksville ranch.  It can’t resist a free meal at the deer feeder.